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About Us

Don't Know Us, Get To Know Us. We Don't Bite!!!


“ To Help And Educate People With Computers Starting One Person At A Time From Personal To Enterprise To Reach Their Goals And Understanding. ”



Our beginnings of Dutchy Tech Tips started many years ago in May 2004. The whole idea was to start a website which at the time was hosted on a free web hosting platform called “” and now known as “”. This website was to allow our founder Patrick to share his passion and knowledge for anything and everything ICT(Information Communication Technology) related. Patrick’s goal was to use his passion and knowledge by turning it into something useful like helping others. This is still our core goal today.

Dutchy Tech Tips has been around for many years. It had it’s unfair share of up’s and downs while trying compete with a highly oversaturated market / niche. But it wasn’t always been called “Dutchy Tech Tips”.

In late 2016 we decided to make a big change along with a major rebrand. More like a clean slate for a fresh start. Prior to being called “Dutchy Tech Tips” we used be called “Pvcomputers”. Our research showed us that “ Pvcomputers” didn’t get spelt and pronounce correctly by people and search engines. Another reason for rebranding is that our name wasn’t unique until later on as other people used our name with exact letters in different capitalization and spacing.

We have hired a few people from (Giving credit where it is due) that helped us in a big way to create a clean & modern image for our new rebranded name “Dutchy Tech Tips” that you see today. A part of the rebranding allowed us to make a big change on how we use social media but also create educational video content over traditional written content.

To this day we are quite proud to be kiwi owned and operated in Palmerston North, New Zealand.



  • Position: Founder & Owner

  • Qualifications: Bachelors Degree In Information Communication Technology

  • Expert Specialty​​​​SQL Databases, PHP, Active Directory 


  • 18 Years With Dutchy Tech Tips

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